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    Tree Felling & Removal

    We specialize in safely and efficiently felling and removing trees of all sizes. Whether you're looking to create more space in your garden or address a hazardous tree with potential to cause damage, our professional tree removal services are customised in every case because every job is completely bespoke.

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    Sectional Felling

    Very often, particularly in urban environments, trees can be too large to remove from ground level. We are experts in removing large trees in tight locations. Using the latest climbing and rigging techniques we can remove trees without causing damage to property. In some circumstances Mobile Elevated Work Platforms or cranes are utilised to make the work safer and more efficient. 

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    Tree Pruning

    Sometimes pruning is necessary to improve the health and structural integrity of your trees. Our team are trained to industry best practice in recognising and assessing faults that may cause future problems. Pruning techniques can then be used to mitigate against risk and increase the longevity of the tree.

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    Storm Damage & Emergency Work

    Mother Nature can sometimes wreak havoc on trees. In times of bad weather we provide swift and reliable assistance. Our team promptly assesses and addresses tree-related hazards, mitigating risks and restoring safety to your property.

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    Hedge Trimming

    Our expert hedge trimming and tree care services keep hedges exceptionally neat, healthy and beautiful. We meticulously shape and trim hedges for clean lines and a perfectly tidy appearance, transforming your hedges into a picture-perfect outdoor feature.

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    Crown Reduction & Thinning

    When trees start to take over a space or come into conflict with an urban environment a crown reduction is a great way of decreasing the size of the tree whilst keeping its amenity value to the area. Our skilled team will selectively remove branches, reducing the overall size and density of the crown while preserving the tree's natural shape and beauty.

Middlewood Tree Care consistently deliver work of the highest standard. We prioritize Health & Safety and strictly adhere to all relevant British Standard legislation.

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TREE FELLING AND REMOVAL WITH Middlewood tree services Congleton

Tree felling and removal is a complex task that requires careful planning, expertise, and the right equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the essential steps involved in tree felling and removal.

Assessment and Planning
The first step in our tree felling and removal service is a thorough assessment of the tree and its surroundings. Middlewood tree services Congleton's qualified arborists will evaluate the tree's health, size, location, and any potential hazards. This assessment helps determine the best approach for safe removal.

Obtaining Permissions
In some cases, obtaining permissions or permits may be necessary before proceeding with tree felling and removal. This is particularly important if the tree is protected by local regulations or if the property is subject to specific rules. We will consult with local authorities or our professional tree care services will ensure compliance.

Tree Felling
Tree felling involves cutting down the tree in a controlled manner. The technique used depends on various factors, such as the tree's height, lean, and surrounding structures. Common methods include the notch and backcut technique, where a V-shaped notch is made on the side facing the intended fall direction, followed by a backcut on the opposite side to guide the tree's fall.

Tree Removal
After the tree has been felled, the next step is removing the tree from the site. This may involve cutting the tree into manageable sections and safely lowering them to the ground using ropes, rigging, or a crane if necessary. The tree debris is then carefully cleared from the area.

Clean-Up and Disposal
After the tree removal process is complete, the site is thoroughly cleaned, and the tree debris is properly disposed of or recycled. Responsible tree care services often recycle wood chips or offer them to local communities for gardening or landscaping purposes.


Sectional felling is a technique used to remove trees in sections, minimizing risks and ensuring safety in challenging or confined spaces.

Assessment and Planning
Before undertaking sectional felling, a thorough assessment of the tree and its surroundings is essential. Our experienced tree surgeons at Middlewood tree services Congleton will evaluate factors such as tree health, size, location, and potential hazards. This assessment helps determine the most suitable approach and ensures the safety of both workers and surrounding structures.

Safety Preparations
Safety is paramount in sectional felling. Adequate safety measures should be implemented, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as helmets, eye protection, gloves, and appropriate clothing. Clear the area around the tree, ensuring no bystanders or obstacles that could interfere with the process.

Establishing Rigging Points
Rigging points are crucial for controlling the tree sections during removal. Middlewood tree services Congleton carefully select and secure these points, typically using ropes, slings, or specialized equipment, to ensure controlled descent of each section.

Making the First Sectional Cut
The first cut is made approximately one-third of the way up the tree trunk. This horizontal cut, known as the felling cut, extends partially into the tree and serves as a guide for subsequent cuts. Careful attention is given to ensure the direction of fall is controlled and does not pose a risk to people or property.

Creating Notch and Backcuts
After the felling cut, a notch is made on the side facing the intended fall direction. The size and shape of the notch may vary depending on tree characteristics and the desired control of the fall. Backcuts are then made on the opposite side of the tree, above the notch, to release tension and guide the section's fall.

Lowering and Removing Sections
Once the backcuts are complete, the first section of the tree is safely lowered to the ground using rigging equipment. Middlewood tree services Congleton carefully control the descent to prevent any damage or hazards. This process is repeated for subsequent sections until the entire tree has been removed.


Crane tree work has revolutionised the field of tree care by providing an efficient method for handling complex or large-scale tree projects.

Assessment and Planning
Before undertaking crane tree care work, a thorough assessment of the tree and its surroundings is essential. Middlewood tree services Congleton will evaluate factors such as tree health, size, location, and potential hazards. This assessment helps determine the need for crane assistance and the appropriate equipment to be used.

Crane Selection and Setup
Based on the assessment, the appropriate crane is selected considering factors such as tree height, weight, and accessibility. Middlewood tree services Congleton's experienced arborists and crane operators collaborate to ensure the safe setup of the crane at the worksite. Safety measures, including securing the crane and establishing exclusion zones, are implemented.

Rigging and Lifting
Rigging involves attaching ropes, slings, or specialized equipment to the tree sections that require removal or pruning. This process ensures controlled lifting and lowering of tree sections using the crane. Our arborists with expertise in rigging techniques carefully coordinate the lifting operation to ensure maximum safety and minimize potential damage.

Precision Cutting and Pruning
With the tree sections suspended in the air, we can execute precise cutting and pruning techniques. Using chainsaws or other specialized tools, they remove specific branches or sections, ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding environment. This level of precision allows for targeted tree care while maintaining the natural aesthetics and structural integrity of the tree.

Lowering and Removal
After cutting and pruning, the crane is used to lower the tree sections to the ground, where they can be further processed, chipped, or safely removed from the site. The controlled descent ensures minimal impact and reduces the risk of damage to property or injury to personnel.

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tree care services


Emergency tree arborist work plays a crucial role in addressing unforeseen tree-related hazards, ensuring public safety, and minimising property damage.

Immediate Assessment and Safety Precautions
When faced with a tree-related emergency, the first step is to ensure the safety of individuals and property in the vicinity. We assess the situation and identify potential risks, such as unstable trees, fallen branches, or compromised structures. Establish a safety perimeter and communicate any hazards to nearby individuals.

Emergency Tree Evaluation
Upon arrival, Middlewood tree services Congleton will evaluate the emergency situation and assess the tree's stability, damage, and potential risks. We will determine the best course of action, considering factors such as tree health, structural integrity, surrounding structures, and accessibility.

Risk Mitigation and Temporary Solutions
In situations where immediate risks are identified, we will implement temporary solutions to mitigate hazards. This may involve bracing or cabling compromised trees, removing fallen or dangerous branches, or stabilising trees to prevent further damage or collapse.

Tree Removal or Pruning
If the emergency situation calls for it, our tree surgeons may recommend tree removal or pruning to eliminate risks. Using specialised equipment and techniques, we will safely remove the tree or prune specific branches to restore safety and protect nearby structures.

Cleanup and Restoration
After the emergency tree work is completed, our tree surgeons will clean up the area, removing debris and ensuring the site is safe and clear. They may offer advice on tree replacement, restoration, or any additional measures necessary to prevent future emergencies.

Documentation and Insurance Assistance
Our professional tree surgeons at Middlewood tree services Congleton will provide detailed documentation of the emergency tree work, including assessments, actions taken, and any recommendations for further tree care. If required, we can assist in providing the necessary documentation for insurance claims related to the emergency tree work.